iOS Hat

iOS Hat – turn Photoshop layers into Objective-C or Swift.

Get colors, shapes, font styles, text, PNGs, dimensions and coordinates.

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Explore colors, shapes, font styles
and text for iOS development.

We take out the hassle. Getting layer properties from Photoshop has never been this easy. You can instantly export UIColor, Bézier Path or Font Style with a single click. No more manual coding required.

iOS Hat
iOS Hat

Export PNGs and implement right away.

We have made your transition from Photoshop a bit less annoying. Every time you export PNG images, iOS Hat also generates an Objective-C/Swift code snippet ready to be pasted into XCode. Asset catalog supported.

Get all the dimensions & coordinates.

Now you can finally create any measurement for objects in Photoshop. Simple as that – just select a layer and click ‘Measure’ to get all dimensions and coordinates. And we also generate Auto Layout code, too!

iOS Hat

Enhance your developer bag of tricks.

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Three Hats in a Pack

Get CSS Hat, PNG Hat and iOS Hat for a discounted price and save more time spending less money.

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Premium Support

This deal comes with premium support. That means you will get quicker responses from our experts.